Introducing: Artisan Kin

Artisan Kin are an  Australian rock based out of Brisbane. Their debut album 'All The Creatures Are Stirring' released earlier this year is an impressive collection of 18 polished and professional tracks. Its hard then to believe that the album is entirely self produced and recorded in their apartment. ...with Troy producing, recording and mixing... Continue Reading →

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Angelica Olstad

Interestingly, Angelica Olstad is what I would describe as a yoga enthusiast. Unlike myself, who claimed to looove yoga for all of two seconds, this practice has directly influenced and impacted the way in which Olstad goes through life. As she explains, "Yoga enriched my life through the way I interact with the people around... Continue Reading →

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This Club – High Life

Having won the battle of the airwaves with the ever catchy single 'I Won't Worry', This Club seems all but certain to push on and dominate the summer music scene with their debut album 'High Life'. Clever re-branding from their former lackluster name ‘Hoarsebox’ has helped them secure a record deal with Warner Music Ireland.... Continue Reading →

Coming up on The Radar

The following is a list of all the bands and musicians who have signed up to be reviewed on The Radar. Have a listen, there are some real gems there.   Daughters of England (Link) Automatic Seizure (Link) Manoucheri (Link) Speak Softly (Link) The Finger (Link) Rona Sentinar (Link) Hail the Titans (Link) Moore:Music (Link)... Continue Reading →

The Radar: Vows

Keelan Foley

This week we will be putting Vows, an indie collaboration form New Jersey , in the spotlight. ‘Vows started as a project independently pursued by Nillo and Bone Blanket of Crystal Mountain Music Collective. The duo are accompanied by three other members of CMMC to perform the music of Vows and continue to write.’  Vows describe themselves as ‘a DIY dream pop duo’ and their debut album Winter’s Grave, released this time last year, has provided an abundance of review material to choose from. It was no easy task but I have managed to select two  tracks  to bring to you this week.

  • Parallel

Parallel, in my opinion, is the stand out track from the album. It is an eclectic mix of vocals and strings in a sort of ‘Radiohead’ meets ‘The Bravery’ kind of way. The track is a slow builder, starting low and slowly works its way up…

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Raving Wild

Keelan Foley


Raving Wild are a two piece  indie band from Aylesbury, England. They describe themselves as ‘an acoustic indie duet with folk influences and some rock thrown into the mix’. So its  real pick and mix of music. The band is made up by Graham Iddon (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Dave Cocking (lead guitar/percussion). They met in school and have been playing music together ever since.  And now for the music.

I have selected two songs to feature. Both of which contain the bands unique musical style. The first of which is the Bands namesake ‘Raving Wild’. Raving Wild, the song that is, is an upbeat tune with some serious undertones. Some of the bands influences, mainly The Shins and Mumford and Sons, can be clearly heard in the song, but with a very unique twist. The song is catchy, with a great tune and some interesting lyrics. I think that…

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